Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

How to choose the perfect baby name

Choosing a name for your newborn baby boy or girl should be a joyful and exciting experience, but more often than not many of us struggle when it comes to this big decision.

Finding the right baby name is really important as a name becomes part of the child’s identity into adult life.

As an expectant parent, this can be a challenging and sometimes daunting task, but it can also be enjoyable and simple to find the perfect baby name.

Read on to discover our top tips for choosing a baby name that you will love and will last a lifetime…

Start with a first name letter

You might have an idea of first name letters that you like that will go with the baby’s surname to make up their initials. Having a few preferred first name letters in mind is a great place to start. This will save you browsing through names that start with letters you already know won’t work. With baby naming apps like Namey, you can search for baby names by first name letters and gender and save your favourite names to a shortlist. This is a great starting point.

Consider name origin

Is there an origin that you just love the names of? Names vary hugely across the world and the heritage of some names are instantly recognisable upon reading or hearing the name. For example, Arabic names are often very distinctive, as are Spanish or names of English origin.

Perhaps you want to keep your heritage running through your family? With the Namey app it’s easy to search for names by origin. If you know the letters you like too, you can narrow your search by origin and letter to provide you with all the possible options quickly and efficiently.

Name meaning

Is there a word that means a lot to you? Or perhaps something that signifies what this baby means to you and your partner, or what you hope for the child’s future. There are lots of names with beautiful hidden meaning, but it can be tricky to search for them. Think of the words and meanings that might inspire your baby’s name and simply add them to your search criteria.

Keep it in the family

A lovely tradition is to choose a family name, whether that be your father’s or mother’s name, or brother, sister or cousin. If you’d like to choose a name inspired by your family, but don’t want to select an exact match, try inputting the names into Namey for creative alternatives.

Take it to the polls

Deciding who gets to name the baby can cause problems even in the closest of couples and families, especially if you all have differing baby name preferences. Instead of disagreeing, have you ever considered setting up a poll and inviting your loved ones to vote on a shortlist of baby names? It’s a really fun way to find a baby name that everyone agrees on and will make your loved ones feel included in the process. It’s a win-win situation.

Now you know the many creative ways you can search to find the ideal baby name you can have some fun and enjoy the baby naming process.

If you need a little extra helping hand, download Namey and let the power of artificial intelligence and smart algorithmic matching do the hard work.

5 Replies to “Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Name”

  1. I agree with the fact that there are lots of names with beautiful hidden meaning, but it can be tricky to search for them. One must think of the words and meanings that might inspire baby’s name.

    1. Hi Sarah. You could just write a list of all the characteristics that you’d like your baby to have and search for those in the Namey app. Try things like beauty, intelligence, strength, light, peace and wisdom. These characteristics bring up wonderful baby names for both boys’ and girls’. Let us know how you get on!

  2. very nice blog. For selecting a baby name, always start with a first name letter, then finding the origin and lastly the family name and legacy.

  3. It is always a big fight when deciding who gets to name the baby and can cause problems even in the closest of family members. A polling can solve the problem and It’s a really fun way to find a baby name with a win-win situation.

  4. Great tips! After reading this my wife and I downloaded Namey premium and found a name for our son. We used the poll thing to get our family to help us decide. It was a really good way to get them involved and for us to finally all agree on a name.

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