Uplifting Baby Names Inspired by Spring

The joys of having a spring baby

Spring signifies new life and celebrates the miracle of birth. Each spring we see new flowers blooming, lambs being born and the long-awaited introduction of warmer weather and blue skies. After the long winter, the arrival of spring is celebrated around the world.

In general, the season of Spring feels full of life, making it a truly joyous time for a have a baby.

The benefits of having a baby in Spring…


As Spring arrives the days start to grow longer and the weather warmer. Adjusting to a new arrival can be tricky at any time of the year, but a new baby in Spring just feels that little bit easier.

Day to day tasks are made a little more straightforward– there’s no need to bundle yourself and your baby up in layers to keep warm, just for a trip down to shop or to the doctors.

Getting out and about doesn’t seem quite as daunting either when the sun is shining. In general, people seem to be cheerier around this time of year, which has a knock-on effect on your mood.

With the summer ahead, you have plenty of time to adjust to your new arrival before the winter months set in. By which time you’re baby should be in a set routine, making the colder winter months that little bit easier.

A Spring baby signifies new hope, new life and new opportunity. A new arrival at any time of the year is a truly joyful occasion, but there is something so special about a newborn baby in the Spring.

In celebration of Spring we’ve collated our favourite baby girls’ and baby boys’ names that are inspired by the season of hope and new beginnings.

Baby girl names inspired by spring


April:  Latin – meaning the opening buds of Spring or the month symbolising spring.

Blossom:  English – meaning ‘flower-like’.

Honey:  English – inspired by the increased production of honey during the spring months.

Daisy:  English – meaning ‘days eye’, or the pretty and delicate flower which begins to bloom in the Spring.

Flora:  Italian – from Florence meaning ‘blooming’.

Baby boy names inspired by spring


Bud:  German – meaning ‘off-shoot’.

River:  Latin – meaning a flowing and energetic river.

Springer:  English – meaning an adoption of the verb spring ‘to leap’.

Nectarios: Greek –  meaning ‘nectar’.

Attwell:  English – inspired by the life that water creates, translated to mean ‘well’.

Spring is a wonderful season to draw inspiration from for your baby name options. Use Namey to search for baby names by characteristics and find the perfect name for your spring baby.

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