What it Means to Have a Baby Born in the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog

A baby born in the Chinese year of the earth dog

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog. Chinese astrology says that your birth date can determine a lot about you and is said to have an influence on your personality, career, compatibility with others and even luck.

The Chinese zodiac consists of a 12-year cycle. Each cycle is associated with one of the five elements – metal, water, wood, earth and fire. In addition, each cycle is also associated with an animal. It is this cycle that means that any pairing will only occur once every 60 years. It is the unique pairings that are said to determine various factors when it comes to determining personality.

What having a baby born in the year of the Earth Dog means…


Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog begins on the 16th February 2018 and ends on the Lunar New Year’s Eve on the 4th February 2019. If you are currently expecting, your baby will be born during the year of the Earth Dog.

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Earth Dog is…


Talented and perceptive – holding many great skills in life.

Capable in their profession, due to the fact that they are very efficient and proactive.

Quiet and reserved at times, but with great abilities of persuasion, meaning they find reaching their goals easy.

Kind and generous – always ready to help others. Their friends and family think very highly of them.

Loyal and trustworthy, but they find it difficult to forgive and forget if their trust is broken.

Confident – the Earth Dog is a good judge of character, but due to being more reserved they prefer more intimate social settings rather than large groups.
An expert in their specialist fields – the Earth Dog prefers to focus on a few key areas, rather than trying their hand at everything.

Not materialistic – they are not driven by money, focusing instead on being happy and comfortable.


A baby born during the year of the Earth Dog is expected to have a well-balanced personality, boasting many positive attributes that will help them become successful and build meaningful relationships.


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