Refreshing Baby Names Inspired by Summer


When you’re trying to find your perfect baby name, it can often feel like you’re reading the same kind of names over and over. Why not look at baby naming from a different angle and consider baby names that are inspired by the season your baby will be born in?

Read on to discover 10 unique baby names, inspired by the summer season…

Benefits of Having a Baby in the Summer

Whether you timed it or not, the summer months are a fantastic time to welcome a newborn into the world.

Of course the weather is always a little predictable, but generally, there’s a lot more sunshine to go around in the summer. This means free Vitamin D. Some babies can be born with jaundice, or develop jaundice just after birth, so a push in the pram or a walk in the fresh air will help improve this with plenty of exposure to Vitamin D.

Outings are much easier to plan for in the summer with a newborn too, as fewer layers are required. It just feels that little bit easier to go to the shop or meet a friend for coffee with a baby when it’s warmer than it does in the winter.

Newborn babies are delicate and can pick up bugs and germs easily. During the summer month there are less cold and flu viruses around, which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Finally, getting out the house and spending some time outdoors is just that little bit more doable. A picnic in the shade, for example, is a great way to spend some time outdoors that you and your little one will enjoy for sure.

Baby Boy Names Inspired by the Summer

Arun: Cambodian, Hindu and Buddhist origins – simply meaning ‘sun’ or ‘dawn’.

Beckett: English – meaning ‘bee hive’.

Cain: Welsh – meaning ‘clear water’.

Dayton: English – meaning ‘bright and sunny town’.

Cyrus: Persian – simply means ‘the sun’.

Baby Girl Names Inspired by the Summer

Summer: English – simply meaning the summer season.

Kyra: Egyptian and Persian – means ‘like Ra, the sun’.

Chia: Chinese – meaning ‘summer, bright, light’.

Idalia: Greek – meaning ‘behold the sun’.

June: English – the summer month.

The season in which your baby is born makes for a great source of inspiration. Discover further inspiration, and curate your own lists to share with friends and family, with the Namey app.

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