Make Your Baby Name Search Unique

To help you get the most out of Namey, we have created a number of short videos to show you how to use the main features of the app.

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 1. Quick Search

Use Namey’s Quick Search function to search for and save baby names. Check name meaning and origin at the touch of a button. Quick Search is perfect for when you’re on the go and have a moment of baby name inspiration.

2. Advanced Search

You’ve probably got a few requirements that make your baby name search different from other people’s, such as first name letters that you love or loathe, sibling names that you want your new baby’s name to match with, or name origins that are important to you and your family. With Namey’s Advanced Search, you can tailor your baby name search results to match your specific requirements: meaning they’ll be unique to you and relevant.

3. Creating Baby Name Polls

Namey is different to other baby naming apps. How? Well, because it enables you to create polls of your favourite baby names to send to your friends and family to vote for, helping you make that all-important decision while involving them in the process.

4. Sharing Baby Name Polls

If you’re struggling to shortlist baby names, why don’t you invite friends and family to download Namey? They can then send you their own baby name suggestions and polls of shortlisted names for even more baby name inspiration. Discover over 25,000 baby names from around the world.

5. Sharing the Namey App

With Namey you can create and share polls of your favourite baby names. Asking friends and family for feedback on your polls not only helps you decide on a baby name but it makes them feel involved too.

6. Explore Top 10 Names and Characteristics 

Exploring the top 10 trending boys’ and girls’ names and characteristics can help you to find fresh baby name inspiration.

Download Namey Lite for free and Namey Premium for just 0.99p for iOS or Android from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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