How to Find an Unusual Baby Name

Research shows that giving your child an unusual name can provide a multitude of benefits. Professor Adam Atler claims that his research has shown that giving your child an unusual name leads to ‘unconventional and creative thinking.’ In a world where creativity as a skill is highly desired, a child with an unusual name is more likely to succeed in work and relationships.

In addition, studies show that people with unusual names are more memorable and more likely to stand out when it comes to recruitment and making friends.

Many parents hope to give their baby a name that possesses all of these benefits but struggle to find an unusual name that works. Here are a few tips to follow to find the perfect unusual name…

Explore Different Origins

There are thousands of beautiful names around the world, but many remain undiscovered simply because we don’t look for them. From Persian and Turkish to Chinese and Spanish, across the globe there are names that would be considered particularly unusual when they are not traditional to your home country.

Explore History

Many names over the years have disappeared simply due to them going out of fashion, but that doesn’t mean that they are not beautiful and strong names. If there is an era that you are particularly inspired by try exploring that era to discover some unusual names that are no longer or often used.

Use Unusual First Letters

For English and European names, the letters Z, U, Y and X are not commonly used as a first initial. This means that any names using these letters are likely to be unusual, and there’s a good chance you won’t have heard of the name before, but you may fall in love with it.

A great way to discover unusual first baby names is using the Namey app, which allows you to search thousands of baby names using your own specific criteria. For example if you want to find a baby name with a particular origin, Namey enables you to search specifically by that origin, or by first initial to find something different, such as X or Y. Download the Namey app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today, and start exploring and saving potential baby names right away.

With so many benefits to choosing an unusual name, we encourage you to embrace the unusual.

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  1. Excellent idea! I think the key is that even if the name is a bit unsual, it’s got to be easy to pronounce. I got some great suggestions from Namey, I just chose a first letter (Z!) and a couple of origins. It was also nice to see straight away what the names meant too – thanks Namey! 🙂

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