How to Choose a Baby Name that Suits your Family Name

How to choose a baby name that suits your family name

You may have a list of potential names that you love, but upon teaming up with your family name you find that nothing seems to match. This can be a common problem, and of course, without being able to choose your family name means that you end up having to choose a name you might not have otherwise gone with. If you’re struggling to find a name that works, read on to discover a few tips, and find out how Namey could help you…

Outlining potential name problems…

First and foremost it is important to work through your list of preferred first and middle names alongside your family name. Check for things like initials – when they are listed together do they look unusual or spell out any strange acronyms?

Secondly, do any of the names sound similar to the surname or do any names rhyme or create an unappealing sound or pattern?

The best way to establish any issues is to write the names down, look at the initials and speak the name out loud. Hearing how each name option sounds all together will help you get a feel for the names. You can also identify whether there could be any potential problems for that child in the future, like peer teasing, if you were to name them your preferred name.

Finding more baby name options…

Many parents to find that once they start to really think about names, their list of preferred names just doesn’t work with the family name like they thought it would. It can be easy to start worrying when this happens, particularly if your due date is right around the corner. The truth is that there are many beautiful names that will work brilliantly with your family name, you just have to discover them.

The Namey app allows you to find baby names that will fit perfectly with your surname. You simply input your family name into the app and Namey will generate a list of names that will work for you. You can even input additional criteria so that the app only provides you with suitable names in accordance to your preferences, like first letter, characteristics and name origin. You can also add sibling’s names, enabling you to select a name that compliments the name(s) of your other child/children. For good measure, you can include the names of your niece and nephews too.

With Namey, finding the perfect baby name that goes with your family name becomes easy. Download the Namey app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today.

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