Avoid These 5 Common Baby Naming Regrets

How to avoid baby name regrets

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn baby can be overwhelming for many new parents or parents-to-be.

Once the baby has been born, it can be all too easy to feel pressured into choosing a name when you might not be ready. This can result in regret, with many parents wishing they had taken a little more time and consideration.

Ensure you’re completely happy with the name you choose for your baby, by avoiding these five common baby naming regrets…

1. According to a survey, one in five mothers say they chose the wrong name for their baby, and wish that they could change it.


Avoid it: You can change your newborns name up to 12 months after you first registered the name in the UK. If you’re feeling at all uncertain, consider other options and look into having the name changed.

2. Another common issue is that you and your partner can’t agree on a name. This typically results in one person giving in, which could mean choosing a name you’re not completely happy with.


Avoid it: Start discussing names as early as you can and think about what a name means to you as an individual and as a couple. Once you better understand each other’s approach to baby naming, you can start to work through options together. Try the Namey app to search for baby names by your own set of specific criteria, such as first name letter, name origin and name meaning to create your shortlist.

3. Some parents fall into the trap of choosing an unusual name that suddenly becomes popular. This could result in your child sharing their name with 10 other children in their class.


Avoid it: It’s almost impossible to predict baby naming trends, but it is possible to scope out what other people are choosing to avoid picking something that’s unknowingly on the rise. Ask your friends, family and those that you meet at prenatal classes which baby names they’re considering and pick up on any emerging trends. If you’re going for something unique but you’re worried it might suddenly come into fashion, try to think about potential nicknames that you could use that are associated with the name just in case.


4. You might find that you’ve chosen the perfect name until someone points out that their initials spell out something awkward after registering the name.


Avoid it: This is common problem, simply because parents did not write out the name and study it carefully before choosing it. If you discover that your child’s initials spell something strange before you act think about how this might impact on them. If it’s something minor and you love the name, it might not be worth changing, but if it’s something really obvious and there’s a chance they could be bullied. You could consider changing their middle name.


5. As your child gets older, it becomes apparent that they don’t like their own name.


Avoid it: This isn’t unusual, and you can’t predict what your child will and won’t like in the future. Many children go through phases of not liking their own name, which may be influenced by a peer or similar, but many do also grow out of this. If this happens, look at how severely the child dislikes their name. If it’s causing them upset on a regular basis, consider allowing them to choose a nickname that you all agree on as a family.


The best way to avoid baby naming regrets is to take your time over choosing the name, look at lots of options and get lots of opinions.


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