The Dos and Don’ts of Baby Naming

Baby naming may seem like a relatively straightforward task – choose a handful of names you like and see which of those best goes with your baby’s surname – and you’ve got your baby’s name. The truth is that there are a few pitfalls that many of us fall into, and with our baby naming guide of what to do and what not to do, you can make baby naming simple and enjoyable.


Think about initials: you may feel like you’ve found the perfect name, only to discover the day after you’ve officially registered your baby’s name that the initials spell out something unusual. There are a few baby name initials to avoid, so when thinking about a name, jot down the initials for every possibility to ensure it works.

Avoid rhyming names, these are best kept for fictional characters and can sound a little comical for real-life people.

Check out your family history if you want to keep your heritage alive. Dig out old records and do research on where your family came from – you might discover beautiful names in the family that you’ve never even heard of before.

Accept that it’s completely OK to reject a name because it reminds you of someone you knew at school or a celebrity that you’re not keen on. The last thing you want is to have these kind of feelings attached to your child’s name.


Choose a name that rhymes with something children might find funny to call your child. Unfortunately, at school children will come up with all sorts of ways to make fun of someone, and if that name sticks it might be tricky for your child to feel positive about their own name.

Name your baby to reflect yourself – there’s a big celebrity trend of naming children weird and wacky names – which could be an attempt at self-expression. Instead, once your baby is born, consider how they look, their personality and who they might be in the future, and choose a name that will suit them as an individual.

Worry if you don’t have a name ready for when your baby is born. Like the point above, it’s well worth waiting until your bundle of joy has arrived so that you can choose a name that feels right for them.

We hope that with these tips you’ll be well on your way to finding the baby name of your dreams. If you need a little extra inspiration, download Namey Premium for only 0.99p and explore over 25,000 baby names and enhanced search results using algorithmic matching and artificial intelligence.

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