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If you’ve been following us on social media, you may have noticed our exciting new campaign, #KnowYourName. At Namey, we believe that everyone should have an awareness of what their name really means – your name might shape who you are more than you think.

Read on to find out more, and discover our first 15 featured names…

What’s in a Name?

Our identities are influenced by a number of things, our parents, heritage, where we grow up, our friends, our schools and education, career path, the relationships we form to our deep-rooted natural instincts. Your name also plays a significant role in your identity – how you perceive yourself and choose to present yourself to the world.

Many parents spend a lot of time agonising over the naming decision, as the choice they make really does matter and could have a huge impact on their offspring’s lives. Our names encompass all that we are, what we will be and so must represent us well, throughout our lives.

We published a very intriguing article last year, which explored this very concept. The article (how to find an unusual baby name) discussed how research has proven that choosing an unusual name can have a number of benefits.

Whether your name is unusual or not, how many of us actually know the origin and meaning of our name? Do we know what our children’s or parent’s names mean?

When your name plays such a strong role in who you are, we believe that everybody should have an understanding of what their name means, the origin, heritage and associated characteristics….


Our campaign is aimed at encouraging you to gain a better understanding of your name. Regardless of age, gender, beliefs, or where you come from, your name is your identity and should be celebrated. To find out what your name means, download the Namey app and head to the quick search bar. Search for your name to discover its meaning, origin and associated characteristics and share your findings with us on #KnowYourName

Read on to discover our first 15 featured names from the campaign…

#KnowYourName: Girls’ Names

Meghan: American, English – meaning ‘pearl, strong, capable’

Naomi: European – meaning ‘pleasant, happy, happiness’

Tiffany: English, European – meaning ‘epiphany, and manifestation of god’

Chia: Chinese – meaning ‘summer, bright, light’

Ruby: English, Muslim, Indian – meaning ‘red coloured Ruby, red gemstone’

Briona: American – meaning ‘intelligent, funny, independent’

Hoshiko: Japanese – meaning ‘child of the star’

#KnowYourName: Boys’ Names

Connor: American, English, European – meaning ‘strong willed, wise’

Arthur: English – meaning ‘strong and brave’

Archie: English – meaning ‘brave and bold’

Asher: Arabic, American – meaning ‘happy, fortunate, blessed and wise’

Kylian: French, European – meaning ‘powerful, ruler’

Ethan: English – meaning ‘strong, safe and firm’

Luke: English – meaning ‘light giving, light, bright’

Kamal: Arabic, Muslim – meaning ‘perfection, completeness’

We are constantly working to expand and enhance our names database too. So if you can’t find your name via the app, or your name is unique, unusual or maybe spelt differently, simply submit your name, the origin and meaning (if known) and we’ll add it to our database. You can submit through the app directly or send us an email.

Download Namey from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and explore what the names of your friends, family, colleagues, favourite sports stars or celebs actually mean. Share your findings with us using #KnowYourName.

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