How to Choose a Baby Name that Works Across Different Cultures

Baby naming practices differ around the world. We understand that sharing different cultures between yourself and your partner and across your families can make baby naming all the more challenging.

For some, baby naming is simple and straightforward, often when one parent has a strong desire towards a particular name whereas the other one is more flexible. For others, both parents may have strong feelings towards bringing their culture into the newborn’s name, and extended family often play a key part in this process.

If you are struggling to find a name that works across all of the cultural influences in your family, read on to discover how to choose a name that suits you both…


Make it Fair

A little bit of compromise might be necessary to choose a baby name that you are both happy with. Of course, the first name of your newborn baby is always going to be the more dominant name, but it is the full name of a person that creates their identity.

When it comes to choosing the first and middle name, if you’re not able to settle on names from one culture, combine names from both of your backgrounds, choosing the first name from one culture, and the middle name from the other.

It is this approach that creates beautiful new name combinations that we might not have had just a few decades ago. Celebrate the coming together of your cultures by choosing names from both backgrounds.


Find Names that Work for Both Cultures

You might feel like you have to go one way or the other and that one of you will have to give in. But if you both feel strongly about finding a baby name that represents your background, why not try and find names that are used in both cultures?

This sounds complex, but it’s actually easier than you think. Use the Namey app to find suitable names – you can easily search by cultures.

If you are looking for a name that is used across two cultures, simply input both into the Namey app to discover a curated list of names that are traditional to both cultures.

Start curating your list of potential baby names, influenced by your cultures now – download Namey from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today.  There are thousands of names to explore and you can add your search criteria to find names that work for you.

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