10 Islamic Baby Girl Names Inspired by Ramadan

Its official, the Holy month of Ramadan started last week and is being observed by nearly two billion Muslims all over the world.  Referred to as the month of the fasting (Sawm), Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and commemorates the first revelation of the Holy Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad by Angel Gabriel (Jibreel), more than 1,400 years ago.

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Royal Baby Name inspiration from Around the World

William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, recently revealed the name of their third baby and the world welcomed Prince Louis Arthur Charles.

The responsibility of naming a baby is significant – to both royals and non-royals alike. However, there are certain requirements for royals when choosing a name for their babies. For instance, the name must reference history and be rooted in traditional naming values while also being modern enough to be relatable and relevant.

We take a look at different royal names from around the world to give you some baby name inspiration with a difference.

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How the Baby Name You Choose Can Influence Their Life

How the baby name you choose can influence their life

You might not realise it or be consciously aware of it, but your name can have a big impact on your life and your personality. You might spend a long time choosing your baby’s name, but few people look into the psychology behind how a name can shape a person. The psychology of a first name is something to consider when choosing a name for your newborn, and always good to have an idea of how important a name can really be…
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What is Namey?

Namey is a brand new app, developed as a response to a very real problem: how to choose a name for a new baby when there are so many options as well as keen family members ready to offer up their name suggestions.

Namey simplifies the process by allowing users to search, share and name their baby using artificial intelligence: turning it around from being a cumbersome and overwhelming experience to fitting in with our digital lives in an enjoyable and stress-free way. 



How does Namey work?

Namey enables users to search for baby names based on specific search criteria, including: mothers and father’s name, siblings’ names, alphabet prefix, origin and characteristics. Current name origins include Arabic, Chinese, English, European, Muslim, Persian, Turkish and Urdu.

Namey has a very wide potential audience. The product was built to reach an international audience of expectant parents, new parents and friends and family of said parents.