7 Surprising Side Effects of Pregnancy

First-time mums might be surprised by a number of things throughout their pregnancy. Pregnancy is a whole new experience and can cause surprising and unusual effects to the mind and body that you’ve never experienced before. Pregnancy is joyful, sometimes a little overwhelming and sometimes a little funny too.

Read on to discover these 7 surprising side effects of pregnancy and how to navigate them…

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7 Wonderful Things to do During Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy


7 Things to Do During your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The arrival of your newborn baby is drawing ever closer. Your third trimester can feel like a whirlwind, as you get everything ready for your new arrival. With a little forward planning, you can ensure you enjoy the last stages of pregnancy, and welcome your baby knowing you have everything ready.

Read on to discover seven things to do during your third trimester of pregnancy, to ensure you are prepared for your new arrival…
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8 Things to do in Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Last month we looked at what to expect during the first trimester, which is one of the notoriously difficult phases of pregnancy. Each trimester is different, and each phase brings new excitements and sometimes new challenges. The good news is that the second trimester is considered to be the easiest, during which time you’ll find yourself full of energy and feeling positive.

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How to Enjoy the First Trimester of your Pregnancy

Discovering you are pregnant, attending your first scan, feeling little flutters in your tummy for the first time – the first trimester of pregnancy is a truly joyous and exciting time. Of course, there are a few other symptoms that are less desirable – such as fatigue and nausea – but there are ways in which you can manage these symptoms, to ensure that you enjoy your first trimester of pregnancy and continue to feel excited as you move into the next stage…
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How to Raise a Bilingual Child

Today our 21st century society is beautifully multicultural – a result of globalisation, career opportunities and the joining of partners from different backgrounds around the world. This makes for a unique and joyful upbringing, with children from multi-cultural backgrounds benefiting from a variety of family traditions, cultural values and languages.

For parents raising a child in a bilingual home, it might be assumed that the child will naturally pick up both languages without confusion, but there are a few ways in which you can help your child along and encourage them to be fluent in more than one language…
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How to Choose a Baby Name that Suits your Family Name

How to choose a baby name that suits your family name

You may have a list of potential names that you love, but upon teaming up with your family name you find that nothing seems to match. This can be a common problem, and of course, without being able to choose your family name means that you end up having to choose a name you might not have otherwise gone with. If you’re struggling to find a name that works, read on to discover a few tips, and find out how Namey could help you…

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How the Baby Name You Choose Can Influence Their Life

How the baby name you choose can influence their life

You might not realise it or be consciously aware of it, but your name can have a big impact on your life and your personality. You might spend a long time choosing your baby’s name, but few people look into the psychology behind how a name can shape a person. The psychology of a first name is something to consider when choosing a name for your newborn, and always good to have an idea of how important a name can really be…
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Three Tips to Reduce Stress Symptoms During Pregnancy

Tips to Reduce Stress Symptoms During Pregnancy

Whether you’re in the early stages of your pregnancy or you’re reaching the end, you will know all too well the stress that can be put on both your mind and body.

Physical challenges, discomfort and emotional ups and downs are all inevitable, but there are steps you can take to ensure you enjoy your pregnancy by reducing stress levels…

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