This is the Biggest Influence on the Baby Naming Decision

The Biggest Influence on the Baby Naming Decision According to Parents

Choosing a baby name is harder than most people realise. Deciding on a name for the rest of someone’s life is a great responsibility and with that comes a lot of thought and consideration. Expectant parents often need a little help with making such a big choice.

Research* has revealed that parents-to-be rely on endorsement from family and friends on their choice of baby name with 80% of parents saying it was ‘very important’ that family and friends liked their baby name choice.

Nearly the same number (73%) said they were likely to be influenced by family and friends’ preferences when choosing a baby name.  Grandparents’ opinions on baby names were valued the most (after a partner’s) and work colleagues’ the least, which is no surprise.

The baby’s grandparents are most likely to be the second closest adults in their life, after their parents, therefore it makes sense for them to be involved in the naming decision and can bring families closer together and feel more involved, even before the baby is born.

With the Namey app users have the ability to create polls from their shortlisted favourite baby names to share via WhatsApp, iMessage, email or social media channels. This helps involve families in fun and useful ways.

According to in-app data, Namey users have averagely received poll votes from 10 different friends or family members. Users can see who’s voted for which name too, adding an element of transparency and truth to the process.

Namey user Andrew Ekpenyong and his wife Sonia, both 37, from London found their baby’s name using Namey and found the polling feature especially valuable. Andrew’s advice to other expectant parents who are looking for a baby name is: “Try as much as possible to engage close and intimate friends and family, those who know you very well. A name is a very important attribute of a person as it could imbue the person with a sense of identity, purpose and potentially create or carve out a path to their destiny.”

Try it out for yourself and download the Namey app to your smartphone from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

* Research was carried out February 2018.

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