Surprising Baby Naming Traditions from Around the World

Baby naming traditions from around the world

Globally, parents-to-be all take careful consideration over naming their newborn baby, regardless of place of birth and culture.

Choosing the perfect baby name is an experience many people share around the world each and every day, but there are various different approaches taken from different countries and regions…

Take inspiration for your baby name search from these five different global baby naming traditions and find baby names you might never have thought of.

Baby Naming Traditions in Bali, Indonesia

In Bali, the order of birth is taken into consideration when choosing the perfect name for a baby. There are particular names that are more likely to be given to the firstborn, which include Wayan, Gede, Nengah and Putu.

It is quite rare to find a child that is second, third or fourth born with these names, and this has resulted in a high popularity of specific names in Bali. The same goes for the second, third and fourth born – there are a handful of names that are traditionally used for these children. This helps signify their role within the family.

Baby Naming Traditions in Spain

In Spain, it is traditional for children to take both their mother’s and father’s surname. As a result, babies born to Spanish parents are also often given two first names. The first given is usually a religious name dictated by gender and the second is dedicated to a loved one.

Baby Naming Traditions in India

Star signs and horoscopes are greatly influential when it comes to baby naming in India. Children of Hindu parents are often given the name of the constellation they were born under.

As the moon travels through the sky, it is said to pass through 27 sections or ‘lunar houses’ and each lunar house has a dominant constellation or star – known as Nakshatra.  Hindu astrologers say that your baby’s Nakshatra can help you choose the perfect name for your newborn.

Baby Naming Traditions in Japan

In Japan, a baby naming ceremony called, Oshichiya Meimeishiki, takes place on the seventh night after a newborn’s birth. During this ceremony, the name is chosen and then the father has it handwritten in calligraphy on the naming certificate known as the Meimeisho, which is then displayed in the home.

Baby Naming Traditions in Hawaii

Hawaiians believe that a person’s name is their greatest possession and has the power to influence their life. This means that a unique and meaningful name is chosen for every child. Traditional Hawaiian names are unisex and have both a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning.

It is clear to see that people around the world celebrate the naming of a newborn baby and take careful consideration to choose the perfect name.

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