What is your baby naming style?

What is your baby naming style

There are two different archetypes when it comes to choosing a baby name: the traditional baby namer and the unique baby namer.

As you can imagine, both types are attracted to very different kinds of baby names. Let’s take a look at them both in a little more detail.


The Traditional Baby Namer

If this is you, you’ll be looking for a tried and tested baby name. Something that sounds nice, is easy to pronounce and doesn’t make eyebrows raise with surprise when you answer the most common question all new parents are asked by well-meaning strangers: what’s its name?


The traditional baby namer looks to royal families for baby name ideas. Think Charlotte, Victoria, George or William for English baby names; Juan, Sofia, Jaime or Felipe for Spanish names; and Shajahan, Asad, Rania or Sulthanafor Arabic names.

These names are classic, accepted by all generations of society and are deemed respectable. Parents who choose traditional baby names are more likely to have dreams of their baby growing up to become a professional; a doctor, lawyer or a university professor.


The great thing about classic baby names is that they never go out of style so a traditional baby name will suit your child at all stages of their life. One drawback about traditional baby names is that lots of people choose them, so your little Felipe isn’t likely to be the only Felipe in his class at school.


The Unique Baby Namer

If you identify more as a Unique Baby Namer, you’ll be more interested in cool and edgy baby names that are not afraid to divide opinions. You’re a non-conformist, a trailblazer and you don’t follow the masses. You love baby names that are unusual that will help your child stand out from the crowd.


Unique Baby Namers look to musicians and artists for their baby name inspiration, like Marley, Bowie and Aaliyah. They’re not afraid to throw out the rule book and change the spelling of a name to give it more edge or to adopt a name from a different culture origin then their own. You won’t find any of these names on the popular baby name lists – which is great for trendsetting parents.


The best thing about unique baby names is that they’ll help give your child a truly unique identity. One flaw to choosing a unique baby name is that your child will be forever spelling out their name and they will spend a lifetime receiving letters addressed with a peculiar spelling of their name.


Unique baby names are harder to find than traditional names, but we have a savvy trick to help you. Try searching for a baby name using first name letters that are uncommon in your culture and the history of your language. For example, in countries where the language is of Latin origin, it is uncommon to have names beginning with Z, Y, X, U or Q – so use a baby naming app like Namey that gives you the option to search for names using the first letter of the first name.


Whether you’re a traditional baby namer or a unique baby namer we can help you tick “find a baby name” right off your list.

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