Baby Name Trends: The Made-Up Name

Choosing a unique name for your newborn is now more popular than ever before. With there being various benefits to choosing an unusual baby name, more and more of us are on the search for a name that nobody has heard of before. Because of this, brand new names are popping up, as we start to create new names to give our children a completely unique identity.

Celebrities have recently highlighted this trend, with various ‘made-up’ and unusual baby names making it into the press.

Unique and Made-Up Celebrity Baby Names…

Celebrities have long been giving their babies unique names, which is suggested to be down to creative spirit and desire to stand out.

There has recently been an influx of unusual names, as society as a whole starts to push the boundaries of traditional naming further. In Indian and Chinese cultures the family name is very important but to try and be original parents have started to experiment with made-up first names.

Whether you’re looking for an unusual name, or just looking to gain a little inspiration when it comes to creating your own baby name, here are a few unique celebrity baby names:


Audio Science – while these words are nothing new, when used as names they are. Audio Science is the name that American actor Shannyn Sossamon named baby boy.

River Rocket and Buddy Bear Maurice – British Chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Juliette are well known for choosing unusual names for their children, but they took it one step further when it came to naming their two baby boys.

Aurelius – As the name of the youngest son of Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson, Aurelius was inspired by ‘Aurelii’ – an elite group of families during Roman times.

Destry – Said to be a combination of destiny and vestry, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw’s daughter was named Destry.

Marlowe Ottoline – Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge opted for an unusual yet beautiful name for their baby girl. Marlowe is said to mean ‘driftwood’.

Ocean, Sonnet & True – the names of Forest Whitaker’s children shows that you can take words of different meanings and turn them into beautiful and unique names.

Choosing a Unique or Made-Up Baby Name…

One of the biggest baby naming challenges is coming up with a name that you love, but that also means something to you too. Choosing to create your own baby name presents the perfect solution – allowing you to choose something really special and unique to your family.

You can either create a completely new name or take inspiration from words that already exist, just like Forest Whitaker did with Ocean, Sonnet and True.

To help with inspiration, here are a few made-up names that have recently been used:






Most made-up names can be unisex too. If you’re interested in gender-neutral baby names check out out previous blog post on this topic.

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