Baby Name Inspiration: The RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London has just drawn to a close and the event was just as spectacular as ever.  As the world’s most prestigious flower show, it inspires millions across the globe and leads the way in garden innovation.

Perfect for gaining inspiration for improving and celebrating your outside space, could the RHS Chelsea Flower Show also provide inspiration for unique and creative baby names?


The History of Baby Names Influenced by Flowers…

We have been drawing inspiration from nature to name our children throughout history. If we look back at the Roman period, the name ‘Flora’ was the name of the Roman goddess of flowers, fertility and spring. In the 1870s, there was a record use of the same name in the UK, with 10,516 births recorded, and there are records of its use in the Middle Ages too.

Further botanical and flower-inspired names such as Laurel, which was popular in the early 19th century and Lily, which began in the Middle Ages.


Flower-Inspired Baby Names

Aster – Used for both boys and girls, Aster is the name of a genus of flowers, derived from the Greek for ‘star’ due to their star-shaped flowers. Aster is commonly associated as the birth flower for September.

Acacia – A baby girl’s name from the Greek flower. The Acaia is part of the mimosa family and has clusters of snowy white blossoms. The flowers symbolise resurrection and immortality, making the name particularly fitting for babies born over Easter.

Antonio – This well-known boy’s name is of Greek origin and first emerged in the 17th century. Antonio comes from the word ‘anthos,’ meaning ‘flower’.

Calla – Calla is a type of lily, and a great alternative to the more common name. Meaning ‘beautiful’,’ Calla is a girl’s name of Greek origin.

Jarred – A baby boy’s name meaning ‘rose’ in Hebrew.

Fleur – Meaning ‘flower’ in French, Fleur is a well known, but less popular baby girl’s name.

Sage – Meaning ‘wise,’ Sage is a great option if you’re looking for a name inspired by nature, rather than specifically flowers, and can be used for both boys and girls.

Iris – Of Greek origin, Iris means ‘rainbow’. Most popular at the turn of the last century, Iris is now regaining popularity, with various celebrities including Jude Law and Sadie Frost, as well as Leslie Mann choosing to name their daughters Iris.

Rihanna – Symbolising sweet fragrance of a flower in Arabic, this baby girl’s name has seen increased popularity by the pop star Rihanna. The male version, spelt ‘Ryhan or Raihan’ (meaning ‘sweet smelling basil’) has also gained in popularity in recent years.


Jasmine – Of English, Arabic and Indian origin, this baby girl’s name derived from the Jasmine flower is a classic.


Keya – Generally used as a baby girl’s name meaning the ‘monsoon flower’ and is of Sanskrit origin


Daisy – Literally means ‘the day’s eye’ in American. Daisy is generally a baby girl’s name.


Zahara – A baby girl’s name which means ‘flower, beauty or star’ in Arabic.

Lotus – A baby girl’s name with great significance in both Buddhism and Hinduism, Lotus symbolises purity, grace and spiritual growth.

Pariza – A rare name generally used as a baby girl’s name meaning ‘fairy’ and ‘flower’ in Arabic.

Orchid – Symbolising love, beauty and sophistication, Orchid is rarely used as a first name, and therefore perfect if you are looking for an unusual floral inspired baby name.

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