What to do if Your Baby Arrives and You Haven’t Decided on a Baby Name

Many expectant parents can feel pressure to have their newborn’s name set in stone before the birth,  with so many things to consider before welcoming a new arrival, this isn’t always possible.

Finding the right baby name can be a tricky decision to make at such a busy time.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry if you’re yet to settle on a name and are approaching your due date – in the UK you have up to six weeks after the birth to choose and register your baby’s name.

This leaves you with plenty of time to choose a name that you’re completely happy with, rather than rushing the decision when there are lots of other things to focus on.

If you’re yet to choose a name for your baby, read on to discover some useful tips and inspiration to help you make the best possible decision…

1. Make it social

Finding the perfect baby name can feel like a big decision if you are trying to tackle it alone or as a couple.

Make it a sociable experience, by inviting your friends and family to help you. If you already have some firm favourite baby names, you can make a list using the Namey app and invite your friends and family to vote for the names that they like best.

This will often give you a clear winner, taking the confusion and guesswork out of baby naming.

2. Ask for baby name inspiration

A great way to start to come up with name contenders is at your baby shower.

Play a game and get everyone to write a name suggestion down and put it in a hat. After the baby shower, input all of the names into the Namey app, invite everyone who attended invite everyone who attended your baby shower (and those who couldn’t make it too) to download Namey and get them to vote on the name suggestions.

This is a great way to find unique names you might not have ever considered otherwise.

3. Push the boundaries

There are millions of names around the world that many of us haven’t even heard of, just because they are not well known in our culture.

If you’re searching for something unique, but with a history and a meaning behind it, why not consider looking at names from other countries and cultures.

4. Personalise your baby name search

Get specific. Discuss any particular first name initial you love or loathe with your partner and make a shortlist of them. Talk about the qualities you envisage for your child and characteristics you would like them to possess and write a list of key adjectives. Use Namey to search for these specific criteria and personalise your baby name search.

With six weeks after birth to register your newborn’s name, it’s worth taking time and doing plenty of research to choose a name you truly love.

Download Namey from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today and discover a world of baby naming inspiration.

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