10 Popular Arabic Baby Boys’ Names and Their Meanings

10 Popular Arabic baby boy names and their meanings

A list of the most popular baby boys’ names of 2017, released by the Office of National Statistics showed that the Arabic name Muhammad had replaced William in the top 10 most popular boys’ names in England and Wales.

Rising 35 places over the last decade, Muhammed is now ranked as the eighth most popular name. In addition, variations in the spelling, like Mohammed and Mohammad, were included in the top 100, making the name among the most popular in the UK.

Generally, Arabic boys’ names are rising in popularity, with other Arabic names appearing in the top 100. Arabic names for baby boys offer unique options that not everyone has heard of before, and traditionally many of these names have a deep and historical meaning behind them.

Read on to discover 10 popular Arabic baby boy names and their meaning…



What does the baby boy name Amir mean?

Amir means ‘full’ and ‘prosperous’ in the Arabic language.


What does the baby boy name Malik mean?

Malik is an Arabic baby boys’ name meaning ‘master’.


What does the baby boy name Omari mean?

The meaning of the Arabic name Omari is ‘God the highest’


What does the baby boy name Nasir mean?

Nasir is a Muslim name meaning ‘supporter, protector, granting victory’


What does the baby boy name Muhammad mean?

In Arabic Muhammad is a variant used for Mohammad – the founder of Islamic religion. Known to mean ‘praiseworthy’ and ‘glorified’


What does the baby boy name Ali mean?

The Muslim baby name translates to mean ‘excellent’ and ‘noble’


What does the baby boy name Khalil mean?

In Arabic, the meaning of the name Khalil is ‘companion’


What does the baby boy name Ayaan mean?

In Arabic, the name Ayaan is said to mean ‘gift of god’. In Hindu, the name means ‘the path of the sun’


What does the baby boy name Barakah mean?

Barakah in Arabic means ‘blessed’. The female version if Barakah is ‘Baraka’ which means ‘white’


What does the baby boy name Kareem mean?

This Arabic name translates to mean ‘generous’

With thousands and Arabic baby boy names to choose from, it can be tricky to decide on the right choice for your newborn baby.

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