7 Wonderful Things to do During Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy


7 Things to Do During your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The arrival of your newborn baby is drawing ever closer. Your third trimester can feel like a whirlwind, as you get everything ready for your new arrival. With a little forward planning, you can ensure you enjoy the last stages of pregnancy, and welcome your baby knowing you have everything ready.

Read on to discover seven things to do during your third trimester of pregnancy, to ensure you are prepared for your new arrival…

 1. Rest

 Although it may seem counterproductive, rest is key during your third trimester. Getting everything ready is a must, but feeling well rested for the birth and impending sleepless nights is even more important.

Mothers-to-be will know that giving birth requires lots of energy, as does caring for a newborn after the birth. Before your baby arrives, try to fit in plenty of rest time. Schedule at least a few hours a day to put your feet up, and have a lazy Sunday whenever you can.


  2. Attend prenatal classes

Prenatal classes will help you prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood, and will go a long way to helping you feel ready to welcome your new arrival. In your third trimester, try attending a few classes to help you feel ready, which in turn will help you feel calmer and more in control.


3. Nest

 Now is the perfect time to prepare your nursery. Initially, it is likely that your newborn will sleep in your bedroom, but it is important to start to prepare a space for the baby, with a cot, mobile and chest of drawers for all of the baby’s clothes and kit. Doing this will help you feel that little bit closer to bringing your baby home.


 4. Create a birth plan

 Those prenatal classes will help you understand what to expect from giving birth already. As you will know, labour can be unpredictable, so you might not be able to follow your birth plan from start to finish. It’s still good to have an idea of your preferences before you go into labour, such as how and where you might like to give birth, your preferences for pain management and who you would like your birth partner to be.


 5. Choose your final baby name options

 At this stage it’s likely you will have a list of names, but now is the time to whittle that list down to your final options. This doesn’t mean deciding on your baby name now – many parents prefer to wait until the baby is born – but it’s a good idea to just have two or three baby name choices at this stage. Check out our post on tips for choosing the perfect baby name.


 6. Pack your hospital bag

 In order to feel calm and fully ready should you go into labour, you should have a hospital bag packed and ready to go. Keep it somewhere accessible, so that if you do go into labour you know exactly where it is and can pop it in the car ready to head off.


 7. Set your own boundaries

 When a new baby has arrived everyone you know wants to come over and help out. While this can be very supportive, lots of new mums can find this overwhelming. During your third trimester, set a few rules and outline just a few people that you are happy to have over helping you. Let everyone know – those who won’t be coming over to help initially will understand that it’s a precious time for you and your baby.

New mums have often reported how nice it is to just hole-up with your new baby and partner for the first week or two, giving you all the change to bond and get used to your new family.


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