7 Surprising Side Effects of Pregnancy

First-time mums might be surprised by a number of things throughout their pregnancy. Pregnancy is a whole new experience and can cause surprising and unusual effects to the mind and body that you’ve never experienced before. Pregnancy is joyful, sometimes a little overwhelming and sometimes a little funny too.

Read on to discover these 7 surprising side effects of pregnancy and how to navigate them…

1. You might start snoring

Much to many first-time parent’s surprise, you might start snoring when you are pregnant. The membranes in your nose can swell during pregnancy, which could mean sleepless nights for your partner. But hey, could just be an excuse to get the bed to yourself right?

2. Morning sickness doesn’t always happen in the morning

The name of morning sickness can be misleading, as it can happen any time during the day. Morning sickness is made worse by an empty tummy, so keep an apple or some crackers to hand to try and avoid morning sickness. Many pregnant women also swear by peppermint or ginger infused tea to keep nausea away.

 3. Bedtime can be anytime

You’re pregnant, so you get to call the shots. During your pregnancy, bedtime can be any time of the day. Feel like an afternoon nap after lunch, why not? Missing out on a work networking event because you’re in bed at 7pm? You couldn’t be happier! Suddenly TV in bed and an 8pm bedtime is the norm.

4. You’ll change your mind constantly

One minute you’re so sure on a name you’ve started buying baby kit with the initial on, the next minute you wonder why you ever thought that name was a good idea. Baby naming might be more challenging than you think, but the Namey app will help you settle on the perfect name for your newborn.

5. Your shoes might not fit you anymore

We all know we’re going to get bigger in pregnancy, requiring a whole new maternity friendly wardrobe. What you might not realise is that your feet get bigger too! It’s a good excuse to go shoe shopping though…

6. You’ll become more alluring

Yes, this is a strange one… during pregnancy all of the chemical changes in your body mean that you will give off a slightly different scent. Studies show that this scent is warmer, making you seem more approachable and alluring.

7. You might become a little forgetful

Pregnancy amnesia is actually a thing. You might have heard of ‘baby brain’ which can cause you to be slightly forgetful, right up to having full-on memory loss. Next time you forget to pick up milk on your way home, blame it on baby-brain!


Tackling pregnancy for the first time can involve quite a few surprises, but it’s also exciting and joyful. Let us make your experience that little bit easier, by helping you choose the perfect baby name. Download the Namey app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now and discover your perfect baby name.


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