7 Chinese baby boy names beginning with ‘B’ and their meanings

7 Chinese baby boy names and their meanings

Chinese naming conventions

In China, there is a very specific – and different to western cultures – naming convention. Chinese naming conventions put the family name first, before any given name.

This is the way a Chinese person would write out their name and also introduce themselves to new people. However, to avoid confusion, in China, you would simply call each other’s given name rather than family name between friends, family and colleagues, which is similar to how it is done in western culture.

In a more formal situation, the polite way of addressing someone is to call them their family name with a title. The title comes in front of the family name, which is opposite to the western naming convention. A person’s title normally identifies their gender, position, or profession.

Some people say that Chinese names are ordered in this way to represent the traditional importance of the family in Chinese culture.

The importance of meaning in Chinese given names

When choosing a Chinese baby name it’s important to explore the meaning of the name because name meaning and characteristics are very important and carry great significance.

Traditionally, Chinese baby boy names represent prosperity and strength. Chinese people choose baby names with characteristics that they hope their baby will grow up to exhibit.

With that sentiment in mind, here are our favourite Chinese baby boy names’ that beginning with a B, along with their meaning.

Chinese baby boy names and their meaning

Bai: Clear, white

Chinese baby boy names Bai

Bingwen: Master of the arts

Chinese baby boy names Bingwen

Bo: Waves, precious

Chinese baby boy names Bo

Bohai: Sea waves

Chinese baby boy names Bohai

Bojing: Gentle waves

Chinese baby boy names Bojing

Bolin: Gentle rain

Chinese baby boy names Bolin

Boqin: Senior respect

Chinese baby boy names Boqin

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