5 Baby Naming Myths Busted

Choosing a name for your newborn can be challenging. An overwhelming choice of names plus keen family members offering up their well-meaning baby name suggestions can take its toll.

Everybody wants something different for the baby – your Mother-in-law may wish you to choose a family name, whereas your sister might want you to include her name in your choices, your father wants the baby to have a traditional name, whereas your partner wants to choose something unique.

There are lots of myths surrounding baby naming, and those coupled with family pressure could result in you choosing something you’re not entirely happy with. To make the whole process easier, we are busting the myths that might hold you back…

1. You can’t change your baby’s name after it’s been born

Myth! You can, and of course, mistakes happen so there needs to be an option for new parents to alter their baby’s name if needs be. We wrote a previous post on how to change your baby’s name within the first 12 months here.

2. You have to choose a name that your whole family will like

Myth! Choosing something everyone is entirely happy with is near enough impossible. We all have different tastes and names that your parents like may now be a little dated. With Namey, you can create polls of possible names and share them with your family so that they can vote for their favourites. This makes the baby naming process fun, interactive and inclusive. But the truth is the final decision lies with you and it is important that you are entirely happy with your choice.

3. An unusual name will set your child back

Myth! Studies show that there are actually benefits to giving your child an unusual name.

4. Initials don’t matter

Myth! Many parents forget to look at initials when coming up with a suitable first and middle name that works with the family name. In the playground though, other children will pick up on the smallest things – like initials that spell something silly or unfortunate. Avoid this by working through various initial options to ensure they work.

5. You have to keep it in the family

Myth! Many parents try to find family names that they can use in their newborn’s name, but for many traditional family names can be outdated, making giving your baby a family name tricky. Don’t feel pressured to name your baby after your father or similar – by just enabling your child to spend lots of time with your family you can ensure your child is influenced and thus shaped by your family members so that they will always carry part of them with them.

To help you on your baby naming journey, try the Namey app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, where you can search for and discover thousands of names to find the perfect name for your newborn.

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