10 Festive Baby Names Inspired by the Christmas Season

With the Christmas season fully upon us, we are turning our attention to this charming tradition, the history behind it, and how the celebration has evolved over the years. Of course, it is generally accepted around the world that Christmas is originally a Christian celebration, but many other cultures have adapted the traditions to suit their own beliefs.

The Christmas Tradition

It’s tricky to escape – every year cities, towns and villages are filled with decorations and parties are thrown around the world. During the season of giving, it can be easy to forget what Christmas is all about – the celebration of life, of happiness and of family. For many, it is the one time of year that families get to sit down together, share good food and be thankful for those that they have in their lives.

Traditionally, Christmas day celebrates the birth of Jesus, as written in the Bible. While many Christians around the world still celebrate the day for this very reason, for others Christmas is an opportunity to enjoy spending time together as a family. It is a truly magical time of year, and often brings people together from far and wide.

Festive baby names

Whether you are expecting a new arrival during the festive season, or you’re just looking for a name that represents the Christmas celebration, what better an occasion to draw inspiration from? Christmas is all about families, happiness and good health, making the ideal inspiration for your newborn…

Festive Baby Girls’ Names


Holly:  English name – named after the holly tree that is synonymous with Christmas

Natala: Italian – meaning ‘born at Christmas’

Natasha: Russian – meaning ‘born on Christmas day’

Noelle: French – Noelle is French for ‘Christmas’

Carol: French – means ‘joyous song’ and is the name given to traditional songs sung at Christmas.

Festive Baby Boys’ Names


Gabriel: Hebrew – means devoted to God, the name of the angel present at the birth of Jesus

Claus: Greek – meaning ‘victorious people,’ claus is also associated with Christmas from the well known ‘Santa Claus’

Noel: French – meaning ‘Christmas’

North: English – inspired by the North star, which the shepherds followed to find baby Jesus

Nicolas: Greek – Santa Claus is also known as Saint Nicolas, making the name strongly reminiscent of Christmas.

There are so many wonderful baby names that are inspired by the festive celebration of Christmas, all with beautiful meaning and depth.

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