10 Baby Names From Around the World That Signify Peace

10 Baby Names From Around the World That Signify Peace

Thursday 21st September 2017 is host to the International Day of Peace – a globally shared date for everyone to commit to peace, above all differences. When you think of suitable baby names something that springs to mind for many of us is the idea of peace, something calming and humble, yet subtly strong.

Peace is something many of us strive for from all walks of life, so what better to use the International Day of Peace 2017 as inspiration for the perfect baby name? If you’re looking for baby names with hidden depth and meaning, that are also traditional and unusual, drawing inspiration from the word ‘peace’ is the perfect place to start and may provide just the name you’ve been looking for…

Baby names for boys that signify peace

Ash: Muslim/Arabic – meaning peace. When it comes to Arabic names and words, first the root meaning is considered and secondly the usage. The root of the name Ash essentially means peace, ‘to be free of flaws or harmful thing.’ Ash is simple yet strong.

Baby boy name meaning peace Ash

Paz: Spanish – meaning peace. Paz translates preciously to mean peace in English. While Paz isn’t officially a name in Spanish, it does have a strong meaning and makes a unique baby name option that’s striking and memorable and can also be unisex.

Baby boy name meaning peace Paz

Ariyaramna: Persian – this Ancient Persian name means ‘peace’ and ‘joy’. What a wonderful combination of meanings for a baby name.

Baby boy name meaning peace

Renfed: English – meaning peacemaker. Translated to mean ‘the peaceful raven,’ people named Renfed are considered to have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership and to have personal independence.

Baby boy name meaning peace Renfed

Frederick: English – meaning peaceful ruler. Derived from the German ‘frid’ meaning peace, and ‘ric’ meaning ruler, the name Frederick dates back to the 12th century. Frederick communicates the idea of a leader, but one that is gentle and kind.

Baby boy name meaning peace Frederick

Baby names for girls that signify peace

Irene: English – meaning peace. Irene was the name of the Greek goddess who personified peace, and was also recorded as the name of Christian Saints. It was not used in England until the 19th century, but has a rich history and a deep meaning.

Baby boy name meaning peace Frederick

Nevaeh: Arabic/Muslim – meaning peace. Nevaeh is ‘heaven’ backwards, and means ‘heaven,’ ‘peace,’ and ‘angels.’ It is a beautiful name that sounds soothing and delicate.

Baby girl name meaning peace Nevaeh

Pacifica: Spanish – meaning peace. Translated as ‘peace’ or ‘tranquil’ in English, Pacifica is a traditional Spanish name. It is yet to be listed in the top 2,000 names, so is unusual yet striking.

Baby girl name meaning peace Pacifica

Salima: Arabic – meaning peace. In Arabic, Salima means ‘peace’ and ‘to be safe.’ It has a special meaning and a rich history within the Arabic language and is a name that is given with the intention of keeping the child safe throughout her lifetime.

Baby girl name meaning peace Salima

An: Chinese – meaning peace. Traditionally An is a Chinese surname that means ‘peace’ and ‘quiet.’ It offers a unique approach to the English ‘Anne,’ providing an unusual name that is also easy to pronounce and with deep meaning behind it.

Baby girl name meaning peace An

Drawing inspiration from a cherished word is a great place to start when it comes to finding the perfect baby name. You can use the Namey app to search for a baby name by name meanings and origin. You never know which new and interesting new names you might find.



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  1. “Aman” is the name of my son which means “Peace” in Urdu Language. We finalized this name based on the conditions around the world. Peace is indeed the need of society.

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